Week 7

Role two: The connector

A connection I saw was when Rosa held on to Hans accordion, when Hans was sent into war. It shows that Hans accordion, meant a lot to her, for it made her reminisce Han’s past, where he would always play it. The accordion, also is a symbol that he’ll always be there, it’s like making an object a person.

An example of that in the real world is say I lost someone, like my mom. My mom always carried a golden necklace with her. Before she died, she gave me the golden necklace. I remembered my mom, by the golden necklace, since it’s almost like her soul is in that golden necklace when she’s not with me. This is also the case, when the accordion, can imply that Han’s soul is in there, and Rosa, holds it so she won’t “lose” him.

What do you guys think of my connection?


4 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. Yes I agree with your statement, when someone gives you something valuable, if it’s an accordion or a golden necklace, you do in fact get that connection between you and that person. As if he/she is alive inside you :’).

  2. I agree that inanimate objects could have a powerful meaning or impact on an individual. And every single one has their own personal back story to them! I really appreciate you sharing this personal story of your past and how much that golden necklace means to you! It’s weird how a single possession could make up an entire being that one held a close relationship to. It was rather sad how Rosa would not play it, even when it was right against her chest and ready to be played. It was also tragic how Liesel felt some emptiness when she played the accordion herself, even though she initially thought it would be comforting,

  3. I agree with this connection, and Rosa placing such significance in the accordion is her way of keeping Hans with her, no matter what. I feel like Liesel is doing the same with Max’s sketchbook, and that it is a very natural way to react to separation from someone you hold dear. I think that tokens like these were very important in times of war such as these, when so many families were broken apart, and all people had were memories.

  4. I agree with you completely. I think the accordion could work as, to some extent, a symbol representing Hans; if it doesn’t represent him, it could at least represent his memory, his presence, or his legacy. This is definitely, as you mentioned, a connection with the real world. It is actually quite common when someone loses a person they love; they tend to carry either an object that belonged to the dead one, or the dead one directly; more specifically, their ashes.

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