Week 7

I am Husam J and today I am “The Word Master”

Note: I am sorry if this looks dull compared to last week’s ponies…But it does the job…I think.


Guten Morgen: Which means “hello” or “good morning”  it was said at an ironic timing because the father was just splashed with water to wake up and Liesel said “Guten Morgen” right after.


Luftwaffe:  Luftwaffe is the aerial warfare branch of German Wehrmacht  during World War II.

Leichensammler Einheit: Although I couldn’t find an actual definition, but from what I understand from the text it means… Dead body collectors.


“And if there are more raids, keep reading in the shelter.”: What interests me is that the part “…keep reading in shelter” could mean that the war might take a while. Because in order for you to “read” you need quiet some time to get through what you want to read. And staying in the shelter and reading there might be a better idea since they would be in a war for a while.

Homer and Donut

Kipferl: Which means croissant…Mmmmmm….croissanttt….”


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