Week 7

Role 4: The Summarizer

In these pages, Hans gets very drunk before he goes off to the army. Liesel and Rudy go off “to kill the Fuhrer,” even though they only end up taking a sad walk. Later, we get a glimpse of Hans’ life in the army.

Liesel decides to give bread to the Jews like her father had (and she also wants to look for Max). She gets caught, but is only kicked. Later, Rosa gives her Max’s old sketchbook, with a fairy-tale style story inside titled The Word Shaker, which is about Liesel’s power to use words for good in a time of evil.

Liesel goes to steal more books from the mayor’s wife, and finds that she had left cookies out for her. When Ilsa meets her in the library, she tells Liesel that the library is actually hers, not her husband’s, which makes Liesel happy.

Meanwhile, Hans gets into an argument with another soldier that ends with him giving up his seat in the car. The car crashes, and the man in his seat is killed. Hans is discharged with a broken leg, which thrills Liesel, but leaves Rudy a little bitter.

Later, Rudy plans to steal from many wealthy houses, but is unable to do so. The air raid alarms blare, but Frau Holtzaphel refuses to leave her house. She eventually joins them in the shelter, and when the all-clear signal is given, a plane crashes and they stand vigil at the death of the pilot.

-Devon D


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