Week 7

Role 1: Discussion Leader

1) Does Rudy’s wish to kill Hitler indicate a change in his personality? If so, how? Do you think this particular event or thought will have an impact in Rudy’s future actions?

2) Before Rosa hands Liesel “The Word Shaker”, she talks about having been told to give the book to her when  Liesel was ready. What “readiness” is she referring to?

3)Do anyone of you guys think there is some significance behind the dying pilot scene with the teddy bear?



4 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. 1) a random child cannot suddenly come up with the idea of killing Hitler.Yes it is possible that this is correlated to his his change of personality or growth. Probably loosing his dad could also lead him to such actions?

    2) The “readiness” Rosa refers to is that she wants Liesel to come to the acknowledgment that words have a lot of power. An extra, unnecessary word can lead a person to a lot of trouble (specially during that time). Having knowledge and vocabulary skills is helpful, but can also back-stab a person.

    3)I think Rudy gave the teddy bear to the dying pilot because he didn’t think the man should die in pain. Rudy knew he was going to die and thought the man deserved some peace.

  2. 1) I think that Rudy, has had his last straw, and wants to fufill his anger upon Hitler, since numerous actions led him to that bitter feeling. Rudy was always looked down on I think that Rudy possibly will act out upon the Nazi Party, Fuhrer or Hitler. I think that he might be resentful against them, but can’t complete the task of actually unleashing violence upon those that took his dad. I think that he either will possibly try to kill them, and die by attacking them, or stay rather in restraint like Liesel.

    2) I think it was the readiness, to have her understand what Max meant, in what Hitler implemented into his people. It also possibly could mean, the achievement of Liesel’s understanding on how to finally analyze text, and read good, because since she came to their home, she would always practice herself. It might also, be a way to give Liesel, the direction to make a choice, and do what Max did, by making a book.

    3) It goes back to The Eclipse, in chapter 3, page 9. It tells how a 24 year old dies in an airplane crash, and is given a teddy bear. It signifies, the good and bad in death. A teddy bear gives the man comfort, as he is about to die, in a situation that is hectic, like getting shot down to the ground.

  3. 1) I think Rudy’s anger has been developing since early on in the novel, and it will most likely have a big impact on his actions. Maybe this new reason he has been coming to will lead to his death or some other misfortune. We all know that it is not within his power to actually kill Hitler, but we can tell that this is proof of his change.

    2) The readiness might mean the understanding of another human being suffering from things of both the past and present. It could also mean the impact of words and friendship between two people. Liesel has been very understanding and open minded since the beginning, and I think Rosa understood this when the first adopted her.

    3) That part was very interesting to me and I feel that it did impact the story and the characters of Liesel and Rudy. Rudy said that the teddy bear was meant to comfort and calm down a child if one were to catch him in the act of stealing. Of course, we know he did not end up breaking into anything, but he later gave this teddy bear to the dying soldier in the plane. This may mean that he was trying to comfort the soldier in his last breaths. His thanks proves that he did not die in complete despair.

  4. 1) Even though I think that he was not entirely serious in his vow to kill Hitler, I think that it shows the final stage in his change from an optimistic child to a jaded, desperate adult. I think this kind of pessimism and recklessness will lead to the death that the narrator has in store for him.

    2) Rosa means that Liesel is “ready” in that she truly understands the situation their family is in, and has learned to see past the propaganda to what is really going on. I think that since Hans has been enlisted, she understands now the full power Hitler has, and is now ready to see Max’s uncensored thoughts.

    3) I think that it shows the amount of sympathy humans have for each other, even in this war when the sides are so deeply divided.

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