Week 8

I am finally presenting my favorite role, “The Discussion Leader”. As a final post and to be sympathetic, this week I am only asking 15 ( I was thinking of 20) questions instead of 10 (which gained positive feedback for some strange reason!). Enjoy!

I have also included the chapters you can rely your answers on in parentheses…Just for continence :).

Hint: You might want to socialize and talk to each other if you don’t know some of the answers (don’t include me in the conversation, I am the one who took the time to write this).

Husam J,

1) What is Death’s implication in the last two lines of the chapter?  How
does Death’s words affect the tone of the chapter? (Homecoming)

2) .Death again gives the reader a glimpse of the end of the story. Death reveals that Himmel Street will be bombed and it will be  raining when the world ends
for Liesel. How does Death feel about the bombing of Himmel Street? (The End of the World).

3) Why do you think Death describes the first ninety seven days after he
has already told the reader the out come of the ninety eighth?

4)  What does Death learn about Michael’s death from The Book Thief? (The Ninety  Eighth Day)

5) What does Death reveal with regard to the war and the situation in Germany? (The Way Maker)

6) Why would Max think that it was a great day to die? (Way of the Words)

7) Where does Liesel go after seeing Max? What does Rudy do? (Confessions)

8) In addition to the blank book, what other gift does Frau Hermann give to Liesel? (Ilsa Hermann’s Little Black Book)

9) What literary device does Liesel use to describe Papa? (The Rib Cage Planes).

10) What two items does Liesel leave beside Papa’s body? What happens to these items? (The End of the World (Part II))

11) When Liesel finally able to look at Hans, what does Death see? (The End of the World (PartII))

12) How was Liesel’s passing described? (Epilogue)

13) Who arrives in October 1945?

14) What discussion does Death have with Liesel when he finally takes her? (The Handover Man)

15) What does Liesel say to Rosa (back to “The End of the World” section).


8 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. ALRIGHT since there is much to do and as I recall, the minimum of questions is three, I shall answer that much at least.

    3. I think the narrator decided to explain the 97 days just to lead up to the tragic ending of most of the characters we have come to love. They work in such a weird way, telling us about the death of our beloved characters as if it was just another small fact in the story at first and then later give the miserable details. Just like they did earlier in the book when they tell you that Rudy dies in an undeserving way, yet does not give us details on how.

    7. Right after seeing Max and taking a whipping, Liesel goes back home and becomes “ill” for three days without speaking much to anyone. After Rudy’s beating when trying to protect Liesel, he goes home as well but checks up on her once in a while. Even though he would get no response from her, he would keeo asking how she is. It was later that she told him everything about Max and her life to that point, and also when she realized how much she loves him.

    13. The one who arrives in October of 1945, after the war, was none other than Max Vadenburg. This was an unexpected moment for me because I had thought that he was dead after what happened on the street with Liesel during the common marches of the Jewish people. It was rather heart-warming and shined light on such a sad and dark ending.

    14. Liesel is handed her old notebook with her written story that had been saved for years. It was sad because we could tell that her life would end. However she was happy to have her notebook, her story, back in her hands.

  2. I refuse! I don’t get the luxury of answering the questions I feel like in any of my assignments! I command you to answer all of them!

  3. Well I wanted guys to answer the prompts then say it’s April Fools, there is no way of announcing it early if you guys don’t respond the same day.

  4. 1. I think Death, was trying to give a tone of hope, but some foreshadowing, since her family and Rudy die.
    2. Death has a “Sad Hope”, but a real descriptive feeling to what is going to happen.
    3. Death talks about those days, because he talks about how cool, and nice things were for the family, until the bad luck started, when the Jewish prisoners, walked to Dachua.
    4. Death learns that Micheal Holtazapfel kills himself, by hanging himself.
    5. Death reveals, how so much Germans are dying, and that Germany is weakening. However, he talks about the Fuhrer, and how they’re dedicated to killiing the Jews.
    6. I think it’s because Liesel finally read the word shaker, and told him all about it. Max and her were whipped also, but I think that gives Max the feeling that he didn’t protect her, and that he should die.
    7. Liesel goes to tell Rosa and Hans about what happened, and how she saw Max. Rudy asks for Liesel, and they both go to the woods, where Liesel confesses about who Max is.
    8. Ilsa gave Liesel the reason to spend time in the basement to write, and to not punish herself.
    9. I think she uses personification, since she describes him with the relationship of the accordion and how his face and breathes remind her of his accordion.
    10. Liesel leaves his accordion, on him, and the love they had, since she starts to bear away the fact that he is dead.
    11. Death sees the silver eyes in Hans, and him playing the accordion one last time, before he dies.
    12. Death describes that Liesel’s soul was just like Hans, she rose up to meet him, just like Hans. It shows, that they both were with each other.
    13. In October 1945, Max is the guy that comes, when he comes to meet Liesel when she was working in Alex Steiner’s shop.
    14. Death talks about how humans can be wonderful and evil, and doesn’t understand them, but instead is asked by Liesel if he understand the book.
    15. Liesel says to Rosa “Do you remember what you said to everyone on the street that day?…Mama, I know that you…I liked when you came to school and told me Max had woken up. Did you know I saw you with Papa’s accordion?…I came and watched and you were beautiful. Goddamn it, you were so beautiful, Mama.”

  5. 3) I think that he wanted to show the impact these pleasant days had on the lives of Liesel and the people she knew. Even though we as readers put the most stock in the tragedy of the ninety-eighth day, the ones that led up to it are important to their characters as well.

    13) Max arrives, after both the audience and Liesel believe he is dead. His arrival signifies the birth of new hope even after the tremendous loss in the worst time of World War II.

    14) He gives her back her book, and tells her how he is constantly perplexed by humans. It gives a new meaning to the hardships in the books, and the nature of humanity that cannot even be explained by Death.

  6. 1) I think that the point of those last lines was to point out that although there was much tragedy within her story, there was still a silver lining.
    2) Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the narrator clearly expresses his feelings about the bombing in this chapter. There are some words that suggest some kind of unpleasant feeling on his part, but again, nothing clear.
    3) He wanted to show or describe the events of the 97 days to point out what it was that led to the events of the 98th.
    4) Death learns that many people at that time wanted to die as a way out of their suffering. In Michael’s case, “He killed himself for wanting to live” (503).
    5) Death aknowdelges Hitler’s character as having an “iron fist”, and reveals that about 45,000 people died in the Hamburg bombing.

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