Week 8

Role 2: The connector

I’m not really sure if this counts as a connection or not, but I just think it’s something worth talking about:

Liesel’s farewell to her parents and to Rudy; notice that the death of her brother is the single event that traumatized for years, she already knew how it felt to lose a loved one from death. That being said, it must have been equally difficult for her to see her parents and Rudy die. Yet, this time we see a change in her: this time she was actually capable to say goodbye to them, not to mention that she finally gave Rudy the kiss he so much insisted on. This teaches me that for people in the real world, it obvioulsly is difficult to let someone go, yet one has to be strong enough to stand up, face it, and move on. This was probably the ultimate test of Liesel’s strength which, I believe, she successfully passed.

Another thing I wanted to point out, would anyone agree that the overall theme of the book has to do with death? I mean, the book started off with death, and ended with death; and we can’t ignore the fact that the whole novel was narrated by Death itself. What do you guys think? You guys don’t have to answer this paragraph if you don’t want to; I’m just curious to know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. I really like your connection; however, I cannot say I understand from real world experience for I have not lost a loved one is such a way, or simply someone that close to me. I do feel sympathetic and see how difficult it can be to lose someone in such a way. I think Liesel is extremely strong as well, and she has developed from a weaker self that could not handle the death of her younger brother. We especially see this strength not only when she finally kisses Rudy, but also when she is able to look at the dead Hans Hubermann. It is explained how difficult it is for her, for she loved him the most. Even when she hesitated and convinced herself that she could not look at him, she eventually did and was able to say her goodbye.
    I also agree that the overall theme, or at least one of the overall themes, is death. We get so much of it, and it is even during a time period where death is the only thing one would hear or read about. Even when things were not going as bad with Liesel in earlier chapter, we suddenly get the death of her most loved ones all at once.

  2. I agree with this connection and I believe the big theme of this film does tie in with death, but the focus is more on how people interact with death, and how they find the strength to continue even after great loss. The book does start with the death of her brother, and I feel that the book shows Liesel’s trauma at his death, and then showing her ability to move on and form meaningful relationships with others in her life. I feel that the end of the book brings the plot full circle, and shows that she is able to rebuild herself afterwards even then. I feel also that the way Max survived, even when he seemed the most likely to die of all of them, shows that there is still hope, and that hope is a huge theme through the course of the novel.

  3. I agree with your connection, and I truly believe it has to do with death. I think it focuses on how Death, finally perceives that Liesel, is a strong person, and sucked up everything, and just truly moved forward. For instance when Liesel just pushed herself to read, and read and learn all the things she could. I feel like Death, had a connection with Liesel, and thought she was just so strong, since she went through numerous things, and just had the strength to move on. It kind of gives Death the motivation to just keep doing his thing, and pick up bodies, because he too was disgusted with what was happening with the world, and the killings.
    I think the theme, is a way to motivate us to do our best, even when there’s tragic things that happen, because that’s just a test to help us see if we’re valid to our own fulfillment/goal.

  4. I see your connection. Death comes if you like it or not. It’s no doubt that it’s difficult to loose a loved one but I think it’s best for her to have that skill-set of accepting such thing and moving on. The way, and the life-style she had couldn’t bear time for a lot of emotions (I think) and the burden came upon her from her brother’s death taught her a lot to the point where it didn’t strike her hard after her parent’s death and Rudy. What she did is best for her case.

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