Week 8 (Final Week!)

Role 4: The summarizer

Hello people I am hear to bring you all a summary of what happened in the last 60 pages of The Book Thief

It starts out with part ten of our story, which had a very odd and tragic beginning. Himmel Street had a surprise bombing in which just about everyone dies, including Liesel’s parents. Liesel survives only because she was lucky enough to have been in the basement reading a book at the time. Before we get further explanation, we go back into the past where everyone was still living. We see that, unfortunately, Michael Holtzapfel, Frau Holtzapfel’s son, commits suicide.

We also read of the reunion between Max Vadenburg and Liesel. The circumstances were not good and it was during another Jewish march on the street. He explains that he was caught months before on the way to Stuttgart. From their heart-warming reunion came a whipping on both Max and Liesel from the German soldiers. It was brutal on everyone, for Rudy also took a beating from a soldier for Liesel on that same street. It was in no time that the Jewish marching were gone.  That’s when Liesel finally told the entire story to Rudy, and where she realized how much she loved him.

With much anger bottled inside her, Liesel destroyed one of Ilsa Hermann’s books. Liesel apologized by note, and was later visited by Ilsa instead. She was given a notebook to write her own story. Liesel happily wrote her story every night in the basement she cherished.

The writing and reading in the basement was the key to her survival in the bombing that killed everyone on her street and many others beyond Himmel. She screamed and wept, speaking to her dead parent’s bodies, and finally laying a kiss on the lips of Rudy’s corpse. That was something he wished for years and she had never given that to him alive.

The story ends with the end of Lisel, who lived to an old age with children and grandchildren from her. Liesel was taken away by the police after she said her last goodbyes to her families. She was sort of comforted by Ilsa Hermann, and continued to live on. After the war ended, we learn of Max’s survival and her happiness in the reunion. Our narrator, who never truly revealed themselves returned the black notebook to Liesel many years later.

– Kimberly M


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